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>> yes, we are. >> good morning, mr. howard bernstein. how are you? >> why are you here, monika? >> to tell you tomorrow is going to be much worse. >> weather will be kind of like yesterday and kind of like tomorrow and wednesday with isaac still around, at least in the form of low pressure and showers and thunderstorms. it's still to our west. the next couple of days still will be on the unsettled side. here's a look at the day planner -- or temperatures, excuse me. there we go. sunrise isn't till about 6:39 or so, 6:40. it's going to take a while to get light this morning. noon 80 degrees. we're only going to get into the low 80s. some spots even staying in the upper 70s with scattered showers and storms. right now a very muggy 75 in d.c. we do have 60s in garrett county and also in harrisonburg, stanton area but the rest of the area all in the low to mid-70s except annapolis which is at 79 degrees. scattered showers this morning. had some heavy ones in spots last night but this morning just want to show you here we are in fairfax county down through areas just west of 95,
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south of haymarket there in prince william and down to the south on 95 near stafford. good morning. things are looking great outside all around the beltway and northbound on i-95 the. as you come up from dale city to woodbridge, up into springfield, the lanes are open. and no problems on 395. we'll take a live look first there on the northbound side where you can see that traffic is very light. there's no one there. no hov restrictions by the way in maryland or virginia except on route 50 as you come in on route 50. you will have hov restrictions in maryland. here's what it looks like inside the beltway on 66. no issues to report as you head for the roosevelt bridge. we want to let you know that metro, by the way, opens at 7:00 a.m. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. rain fell across our area last night, but those storms caused serious problems in some spots. >> sort of the usual suspects here, too. firefighters even had to rescue some stranded people in a part
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of northwest washington that seems to flood almost every time it rains. kristin fisher is live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with a look at how things are looking now. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. much better than last night, i'll tell you that much. last night's storms may not have looked like too much where you are, but here it got very ugly very fast. this stretch of rhode island avenue between 1st and 3rd streets northwest were closed for two hours last night due to several feet of standing water covering the roadway. the water was so high that three cars got stranded. two of the drivers were able to get out on their own but one driver had to be rescued by the fire department on inflatable rafts. his car completely submerged. fortunately no one got hurt but residents in this bloomingdale neighborhood say this is a recurring problem and they're sick of it. this neighborhood has seen severe street flooding at least four times this year alone. >> it happened a few times in the last five, six weeks.
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we've been getting flooding along the last block here. luckily where my house is, we don't get it but within this one block, it's a valley. where all the rain comes and it just floods out all the basement apartments. >> reporter: some residents in the bloomingdale neighborhood reported up to ten inches of standing water in their basement. this morning there's a lot of people that will be dealing with -- spending their labor day dealing with water damage, flooded out cars. these residents say the city is well aware that this area is prone to flooding. in fact, mayor vincent gray has a task force trying to tackle this very problem but so far they have not decided to do too much about it. the good news for now, all streets back open. mike, jessica? >> thank you, kristin. kristin live this morning. you're right, it does seem to flood in the same place all the time. the flooding also caused problems for metro. a picture of howard university
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metro station taken last night. it shows the water actually covering the tracks in metro. metro shut down the green and yellow lines between georgia avenue petworth and mount vernon square stations because of this flooding. and it didn't get those lanes back open until just before the rail shut down for the night. the founder of the unification church, a man with some deep ties to the washington area, has died. reverend sun myung moon was 92 years old. he passed away after suffering complications from knew money ya. he founded the unification church back in 1954 and the group is known and you've seen the video for mass weddings. church followers who never met all get married wearing similar clothes. 1982 moon was convicted of tax fraud in the united states. that was also the same year he founded "the washington times" newspaper. now in a statement, the president of "the washington times" said reverend moon had a remarkable sensibility about the influence and power of the media on culture and politics
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when he founded "the washington times" in 1982. we're grateful for his determined insight and support and we plan on a continuing legacy of credible, optimistic journalism in the nation's capital during a pivotal time in a changing world. our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire moon family for their loss. the time right now is 5:05. i'm watching your money. the federal aviation administration says a fire shut down flights at the washington area's three main airports. this fire happened at a regional air traffic control facility in an office refrigerator. because the office had to be evacuated, flights in and out of reagan, dulles and bwi were stopped for 25 minutes. fortunately this happened yesterday morning. it affected less than 20 flights and had this happened during the week, hundreds of flights could have been held up. chevy volt sales hit a record high in august. general motors reports sales for the plug-in hybrid topped
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2,500 last month. it makes 35% increase over july sales and more than 700% jump from a year ago. industry experts say dealerships' offers and incentives have helped to move these cars. you might think a $300 million theft would involve jewelry or maybe a high-tech piece of merchandise, but in canada, some sticky fingers thieves made off with a massive haul of maple syrup. the stolen syrup could have filled two olympic side swimming pools. the theft was discovered during a routine inventory check at a huge warehouse in quebec. authorities say the syrup could be liquid gold on the black market because it would be almost impossible for any buyer to know it's stolen syrup. >> isn't there a routine check? how could someone make off with all that. the republicans went last
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week. now the democrats are about to open their national convention in charlotte. more of that coming up. >> authorities are cautiously exhaling after flood waters from hurricane isaac start to recede. >> ahead in sports, why it is crucial for virginia tech to get a win in tonight's first dame game of the season -- first game of the season.
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5:08 on this monday morning. muggy out there. we've got some isolated showers that have been develop ag cross areas into fairfax, prince william county, king george all
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moving northeast at about 10 miles an hour. we'll watch that now and then later today, we'll have to watch more showers and storms, kind of like yesterday. some of these source and storms could be locally heavy. temperatures won't get very high, only into the low 80s. southeast winds at 5 to 10. full seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes again with a look at the doppler radar. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. on the southbound side of 270, it looks like this pretty much all the way down to frederick where the lanes divide. no construction this morning. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:17. back to you. >> see you then, monika. making news at 5:09, the united states could be forced to take more action when it comes to the syrian conflict. that is because a human rights group says more than 5,000 people were killed in fighting just last month. this makes august by far the deadliest month since the uprising started a year and a half ago. the army corps of engineers believe the danger has passed along the pearl river in louisiana. the river has crested along the
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navigational canal there and should fall below flood stage later this week. authorities have changed earlier evacuation authorities from mandatory to voluntary. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan will be campaigning in north carolina today which of course is the same state where the democrats are gathering for their convention this week. there's a massive police presence already in charlotte. that's where protesters have started demonstrating even ahead of the convention. a fall from grace for a local champion. we're going to show you who dethrowned alexandria's own sonia thomas in the annual labor day eating contest. that's coming up at 5:58. >> at 5:22, stephen strasburg rebounds from one of his worst outings of the year. >> at 5:15, howard has details on a warming trend in the seven- day forecast.
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 welcome back. it's 5:12. 75 degrees. i've had nothing but good news for you. if you're one of the few that has to go to work today, i'm happy to say you're going to be absolutely final. on the northbound side of i-95, we are looking good as you head up to woodbridge and springfield on to 395. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like here at the 14th street bridge. one thing to keep in mind is that you have all the lanes available to you. there are no hov restrictions in virginia or maryland with the exception of course of route 50 to john hanson happy. back over to the maps. i want to let you know in case you use metro, it opens at 7:00
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today and we'll take another look outside at the bay bridge. looking great coming in and out on route 50 across the bridge span. we'll go to our chart camera and show you what it looks like. nice and light across the bridge span headed to or from the beach. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:24. back to you guys. we're still here for you. how do you like them apples? just about 5:15. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> here's howard bernstein. >> more showers and storms around. some of the barbecues might be impacted but true barbecuers will not be stopped by a little bit of rain. >> i've been out there with the umbrella in the downpour. >> let's do it. >> just don't do it in the garage or something. keep it outside. keep the smoke outside of the house. much safer that way. let's talk about what's happening today. isaac is still around, at least an area of low pressure that was isaac is still around and enough tropical moisture to give us showers and storms at times. here's a look at the day planner. yes, we have isolated showers this morning. that will be the case.
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isolated to scattered showers and storms. low 80s there. at 4:00 81. high only 82 or 83. we are talking about this pattern to be around for the next couple of daitz. moisture, -- of days. moisture and storms around ohio and kentucky. just south of fairfax, this is 123 moving northeast toward highsons. a couple of showers north of manassas into stafford county. as we go farther off to the south, you'll see now getting into charles county. this will be coming up probably on the west side of la plata. this gay may get you -- this guy may get you there. colonial beach some rain knocking on your doorstep. tracking to northern st. mary's and southern charles county over the next hour. looking at temps, it's a muggy morning. 72 in rockville. 73 reston. 74 in centreville. off to the south we ve 73 in alexandria. east of us upper marlboro also 73. columbia this morning 75 degrees. outside on our michael & son
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weather camera, i don't know if you're seeing the low clouds as well out here as we were earlier but 75. dew points in the low 70s. that means it's really sticky and muggy and almost tropical feeling out there. we're not getting much help with the winds. only southeast at 3 miles an hour. you can clearly see an area of rotation which was once isaac spinning here now southern indiana, parts of western kentucky, southern illinois. south and east of the center, you've got all of the showers and storms from alabama back toward southern ohio. things are quieter now because it's basically the middle of the night, the end of the night. once we throw in daytime heating and percolate the atmosphere more, heat it up, it will become even more unsented than it is now. -- unsettled than it is now. we're looking at a scattering of showers and storms on the futurecast. the delaware bay down by richmond tracking some showers. in the afternoon thunderstorms will popping up and down, pulsing sometimes. it will be quiet some sometimes, hazy sunshine. other times you may get under
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one of those downpours that will drop an inch, half an inch of rain locally. you saw some of the looking we had last night around howard university metro, rhode island avenue a. few more showers and storms tonight into tuesday. tuesday night again into wednesday. and then wednesday here we are, more showers and storms expected to be scattered about the region again on wednesday afternoon. so this pattern will not be changing for a few days. here's the forecast. yellow alerts today, tomorrow and wednesday because the showers and storms certainly could have an affect on any outdoor plans. 82 today. 70 to 75 tonight. mid-#s on the next couple of days. -- mid-80s the next couple of days. by the time we get to thursday, a little more sunshine maybe. friday may be one of the better days of the week, around 90. low will be the low to mid-80s this week. jessica and michael? >> thank you, howard. today is labor day.
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tonight virginia tech has a big football game and it could have post-season implications, even though it's the first week. >> we'll tell you about that and andy roddick's final tournament before his retirement will last a little bit longer. highlights coming up in sports. >> let's take another look at the question of the day before we ahead to break. according to "glamour" magazine, 37% of women do this at least twice a day. is it a, complain about their man, b, update their online social status or c, fix their makeup? >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. amy wheying in. -- weighing in. she says b, updating their social status. >> we'd love to hear what you say on this. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. stay with us.
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it is 5:20 on this monday morning. some isolated showers mainly south of town, fairfax, prince william into stafford and toward colonial beach coming into southern maryland. isolated now but we'll have a scattering of showers and storms today. you'll notice as we head toward 9:00, temperatures still in the 70s with the scattered showers and storms, maybe still holding on to 69 in luray. we'll get into the afternoon hours, lunch time 80 degrees. upper 70s, the scattering of showers and storms. that's going to be the case this afternoon as well with highs only in the low 80s. so just stay up on the weather. talk about pressure. tonight's first game could actually determine the outcome
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of virginia tech's 2012 football season. >> the season just started. how could that be? here's why. because the hokies are hosting georgia tech tonight in blacksburg. the winner of this game has gone on to win the acc coastal division every year since 2005. and lately these games have been decided by less than a touchdown. virginia tech is ranked 20th in the "u.s.a. today" poll. now here's dave owens with the rest of your morning sports. good morning, emp. steve -- everybody. stephen strasburg creeping ever so closer to the 160 innings. he's shaking off statistically his second worst performance of the year. five runs in five innings on tuesday. yesterday let's see if he could get back on track. he was cruising through the first four innings with a little defensive help. brian anderson lifts this one to bryce harper. alan craig on third trying to score. don't do it, alan. don't do it.
5:23 am
welcome to the harper hose. nice throw from the outfield. in the 4th inning, turning in and burning on one, the second home run in four days. 1-0 nats. tied at 2 in the 7th. another critical rbi base knock. nats get the victory 4-3. to more starts for strasburg. orioles and yankees, this one was tight as well till reynolds got a hold of things. not just one but two home runs. that one out of the park. the os come back with four in the 6th inning. there's the other one. he had a big day. they beat the yanks 8-3. now just two games behind those yankees. u.s. open tennis andy rod dick against bobby -- fabio in yellow. can't take the heed here. rod took the first two sets 7- a, 7-6. -- 7-5, 7-6. roddick, a
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tough serve. he wins it in 4 as he tries to move on in his final u.s. open, his final tournament all together. that's a quick look at sports. have a great monday, everybody. parents are voicing their concerns about a change the way their elementary schoolkids are going to school. more on that story coming up. drivers find their cars water logged after flash flooding inundates a d.c. neighborhood. here's monika with your traffic. >> thank so you much. metro opens at 7:00 a.m. today. they're on a sunday schedule. by the way, for labor day, no vre or marc service as well. i'll be back with more in a few minutes at 5:29. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for the lovely and tall talented andrea roane who is back tomorrow. >> good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani, how is that
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traffic going? >> it's great. >> because there's not any. hello, howard bernstein. grilling and chilling is what we're doing today? >> it's going to be challenging for some because of the rain showers and thunderstorms we may see later on. we had a few this morning and had some challenges yesterday evening, all thanks to the remnants of isaac still spinning out of the midwest. it will throw moisture toward us so that may again impact your labor day plans. here's a look at the day planner. sunrise not for another hour and change. 80 degrees by noon. we're in the mid-70s now. highs only in the low 80s with the scattered showers and thunderstorms at times. not an all day rain but enough that it's going to impact i think some plans out there. low 70s in the shenandoah valley. mid-70s right here in d.c. and upper 70s on the bay and down in southern maryland, easton and cambridge 72. big showers and storms yesterday caused some flooding around rhode island avenue, howard university metro had water on the tracks.
5:29 am
toward ma fan has had a shower making -- manassas had a shower making its way up. south of dale city, north of quantico we're seeing some. also into northern stafford county. they're all moving northeast at about 10 miles an hour. this is tracking into prince william county. the showers near dahlgren have moved in towards charles county, the southern end of charles county. colonial beach, that shower is moving off shore and headed toward st. mary's, swan point. you may get in on that. so just stay up on the weather. your plans may be impacted by these showers later on. it is 5:29. traffic, however, piece of cake this morning. i could do traffic this morning. you could. you want to? go ahead, howard. there's just over two people on the roads today but tomorrow there will be almost three million so enjoy it while it lasts because this is it. summer is almost over. everyone will be back to work tomorrow. but right now is a different story. no problems coming in from sterling. no problems coming in from
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centreville. everything is good. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like at the american legion bridge crossing the river here and a few people, i don't know why they are out here but they are. looking good it bethesda and tysons. back over to the maps. this time to the other side of town. no problems out of baltimore on 95, the bw parkway out of laurel and route 32 and 29 out of columbia. and one more last live look, this time over at the bay bridge. a lot of people will be coming home this afternoon. it will look a lot different then. we'll be back at 5:39. >> thank you, monika. howard mentioned the remnants of hurricane isaac are kicking up storms in and arp the washington area. >> in louisiana about 200,000 people are still without power. despite the instruction, the memorial church held services on sunday. flood waters caused the church doors to swell up to the point where members could barely open them and everything inside was ruined. but this church hasn't missed a sunday service in 19 years and
5:31 am
the congregation wouldn't let isaac stop them. >> y building is gone but faith is still in god. my faith wasn't in this building. >> it's not just the church building. isaac destroyed the homes of more than half of this congregation. members have piled up their ruined possessions on the curb for trash collectors. many roadways remain under water as well as the local high school school. >> depending on where you live, you may have gotten a good soaking rain yesterday but d.c. firefighters had to get the rescue boat out for a portion of northwest d.c. because of what was coming from storm isaac. kristin fisher is live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with the story. this is one of those places take floods every time. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: every time. good morning, mike. things here are back to normal, but i tell you what. during the height of this storm, the water along this stretch of rhode island avenue was well over the wheels of cars and in fact it flooded about three cars, at least
5:32 am
three cars right around 9:00 last night. two of those drivers were able to get out safe on their own but one driver had to be rescued by the fire department. he was stranded on the roof of his car and had to be rescued on an inflatable raft. several basement apartments -- [ no audio ] residents report up to 10 inches of standing water inside. fortunately no one was hurt in all of this but people who live here say they are beyond frustrated. this is the fourth time this year that this neighborhood has seen severe street flooding. >> every time there's a rainstorm, people are like, brace for impact, brace for impact because the storm's coming. whether it's one inch or six inches, doesn't matter. people get really, really frustrated about the entire thing because we don't know what is going to happen. >> reporter: the rain also caused problems for metro last night. check out this picture of the howard university metro station. water completely covering the tracks. parts of the green and yellow line were shut down but all those lines are back open this
5:33 am
morning. they'll be open at 7:00 due to the holiday schedule running on a sunday schedule this morning. but things here again pretty much back to normal but i tell you what, a lot of folks this morning this labor day are going to be dealing with cleaning out those flooded basement apartments and finally some insurance -- filing some insurance claims after their cars got flooded out. tough break for a monday holiday. back to you. >> got to get frustrating. thank you, kristin live in northwest this morning. a former top campaign aide to d.c. mayor vincent gray is due in court tomorrow. thomas gore will attend something called a status conference hearing regarding his criminal case. gore pleaded guilty to funneling some under the table cash to mayoral candidate suleman brown and then trying to cover up some of those payments. tomorrow a judge could set a sentencing date. sources tell 9 news now prosecutors will not be asking for prison time for gore. that's part of his plea bargain deal. some georgetown respect accidents say enough is enough.
5:34 am
-- residents say enough is enough. they're taking crime fighting into their own hands now. the citizens association of georgetown is adding private surveillance cameras in some of the neighborhoods. the group hopes to make it harder for crooks to break into cars and rip off cell phones which has been happening. private citizens have more legal leeway than police when it comes to using these cameras, according to local law. but some are voicing their concerns when it comes to privacy. 5:34 now. both major northern virginia school districts start their school year tomorrow. in arlington some parents are upset that their kids will not be able to take the bus anymore. they say they were notified last month that arlington public schools are getting ritd of 12 -- rid of 12 bus stops. now those children will have to walk nearly a mile to glieb elementary school along some busy roadways. but the superintendent says with the system gaining more than 800 students per year, the moves were made to realign their resources. time right now almost 5:35. i am watching your money.
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american airlines and u.s. airways have entered into a confidentiality agreement. now they're actually able to talk about a merger, but analysts say there's still no guarantee of a deal. but if they do combine, it would put the resulting carrier on par with the world's biggest united continental and slightly smaller than delta. the merger talks come less than a year after american's parent company amr filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. good luck on getting your hands on amazon's kindle fire. the tablet sold out immediately after the company sent out invites thursday. amazon is expected to introduce a new 10-inch kindle fire and kindle e-readers. the latest version of the kindle fire will be slightly bigger than the 9.7-inch ipod screen. analysts expect apple to fire back with a smaller, cheaper version of the ipad to take on the kindle threat. and metro has implemented a minimum balance requirement for
5:36 am
smartrip cards to enter the transit system. the change took effect on saturday. now riders must have at least $1.20 on their card to enter the metrorail system. for riders using a senior or disabled rider card, the minimum is 35 cents. on the plus side, smartrip users can now add money to their cards online through metro's website. i know this stuff is easy but i get confused. can be a little complicated with the smartrip card on what you can do and what you can't do. >> good advice. stores are offering plenty of deals today. i'll show you a couple of my favorite bargains coming up in daily deals. >> a tourist attraction that's sort of been changed up for a while. it's open after a rehabilitation project. we'll take you there. >> here's a look at a couple of local labor day events.
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5:38. a steamy morning. a lot of humidity. temps in the 70s. even a few showers that have been falling just south and west of washington right now, down 95 through fairfax and prince william counties and even into southern maryland. mostly cloudy today. we will see indicational showers and -- occasional showers and thunderstorms. temperatures only getting up into the lower 80s. some of these could be on the heavy side. it's not going to be rain all day but the threat will be with us today, tonight, and probably for the next couple of days as well. details on that seven-day coming up in about five minutes. right now inside to monika samtani. she has your timesaver traffic. the only threat we have this morning is you might see one car in front of you, maybe to cars. at the 14th street bridge, several cars, no delays, no hov restrictions as you head out into the downtown area. i'll be back at 5:49 with more
5:40 am
of nothing. back to you. >> thank you, monika. i've been combing through the day's daily deals to find you some deep discounts. the woolly mammoth theater company's new season is coming. living social is offering a deal on the company's first two shows of the season. the elaborate entrance of chad didi runs through september 30. you for me for you runs from november 5 to december 2. you can now get tickets for $20 to $30. that's 50% off the normal price. it's also gain -- it also guarantees you a voucher for one drink. are you looking for a new flat screen for your bedroom or den? is selling a 20 inch ultrathin monitor for 89 bucks. that is 67% off the regular price. this offer includes free shipping. and singer alana will
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perform on november 23. you get one v.i.p. general admission standing room only ticket, hand written lyric sheet of guardian. v.i.p. also includes early entry and exclusive access to happy area with a drink special at vertigo. if you have a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. are you an expert when it comes to the national mall? there's a nonprofit group out there looking to recruit dozens of volunteers to guide and inform tourists. they want to expand the core of 35 people up to 100 volunteers. they're hoping to have some new recruits in place before the presidential inauguration coming up in january. and one of the top tourist attractions right in our nation's capital just reopened in time for the holiday weekend. the fence around the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial came down after to years of renovations. the pool's new state of the art circulation system plus water
5:42 am
from the tidal basin is now in effect. the original pool was built in the 1920's and the $34 million project was funded by money from the stimulus bill. the delegates are arriving in charlotte for the democratic national convention. that story coming up. >> indeed. plus a wildfire spoils holiday plans for thousands of campers in the national forest out west. >> and let's see who is celebrating a birthday on this labor day. he created the beejts bailey comic strip. mort walker is 89 years old. >> sopranos actor steve schirripa is 55. charlie sheen is 47. if it's your birthday, happy labor day and have a great birthday. how does it feel to try smooth,
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delicious hershey's chocolate with 30% less fat? new hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
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it is 5:45. here's howard bernstein. how are things looking? >> a little problematic today. yesterday we had some heavy downpours in spots. certainly caused some problems with kristin fisher out in northeast this morning at rhode island avenue. but once again there may be heavy downpours in spots today, all thanks to what's left of isaac. still has plenty of moisture. i'm show you the circulation in a moment. i want to get you going with the day planner because we do have a lot of activities going on today. parades going on as well. there could be a few showers and storms around. 79 by 11:00. most of the time it's not going to rain but if you get caught under one of these showers, could have some heavy downpours with highs in the low 80s. it will stay that way all afternoon. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. the nats are home. they have the cubs at 1:00 this afternoon, 1:05. low 80s. chance for a passing shower or thunderstorm. i think they're going to get the game in but if they get in on a delay or two, don't be surprised. here's a look at the doppler
5:47 am
this morning. big rains out in ohio, kentucky and western west virginia. a couple of showers have been forming in our neck of the woods. the ones in fairfax seem to have fallen apart. got this lone shower south of lorton coming up maybe toward mount vernon if it holds together. the other shower about to get to 234 just coming out of stafford county into southern prince cm. the showers down in charles county, very, very light at the moment. so that's it. locally probably going to see more in the next few hours. already 79 and a very muggy 79 at the patuxent river naval air station with easton and gaithersburg at 72. to the west we've got 73 in culpeper. winchester 68. and cumberland still a sticky 72 degrees. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, not much to show you yet. we don't have sunrise for almost an hour at this point. 75 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and a light southeast wind this morning and the humidity, yeah, that is
5:48 am
way, way up. i've been checking the visibilities. fog doesn't appear to be too much of an issue this morning. as far as isaac, this is the circulation i was alluding to earlier. you can clearly see the spin right there coming into southern indiana now, western kentucky. this thing barely moving. that's the problem. it's going to take a few days for it to get toward us. out ahead of it, we've got the moisture. you see it in ohio, back to even alabama and georgia. the scattered showers and storms we're dealing with occasionally, as long as isaac's remnants sit and spin to our west and will for the next couple of days, we'll have this pattern where we get into the scattered showers and storms from time to time. here we are into the evening hours. maybe settling down for a while but even tonight, stopped the clock at 2:30, we'll have showers overnight. tomorrow morning could be some showers for the morning rush hour, just what we don't need. tomorrow afternoon more scattered showers and thunderstorms. maybe a better chance out to the west. then as we head introtuesday night and now wednesday, wednesday is going to feature
5:49 am
more scattered showers and storms in the afternoon again dealing with the pesky remnants of what was a troublesome hurricane a few days ago. scattered thunderstorms today, 82. in fact yellow alerts across the board. lows tonight 70 to 75. mid-s on the next couple of days -- mid-80s the next couple of days again with the scattered showers and thunderstorms. by thursday fewer showers and storms. thursday 90 degrees. it's supposed to be the seven- day. just imagine it was the seven- day. friday partly sunny skies. we get to the weekend with temps in the 80s. temperatures in the 80s with a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. monika samtani, happy labor day. if people aren't awake, they are now. yeah. >> that was the alarm clock going off. >> if you're planning to head around the beltway action things are -- beltway, things are great. no issues to report on 270
5:50 am
coming down from frederick. no hov restrictions. i do have the giggles now. no problems as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. i'll step out so i can laugh a little bit and show what you it looks like live outside. no problems to report on the beltway north of town between 95, university boulevard and 270. and we'll go back to the maps. no problems to report if you're coming in from virginia. all lanes are open. no issues from aquia harbor into triangle, woodbridge and springfield. a last look outside one more time. nice and light. just a few people out laboring on labor day. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:00. back to you. >> thanks, monika. president obama will make a stop in southeast virginia tomorrow. he'll be making his way to the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> indeed. he'll speak in norfolk, the same area where republican mitt romney introduced paul ryan as his running mate last month. susan mcginnis has the latest from campaign 2012. >> reporter: president obama continues his march to charlotte with a campaign stop
5:51 am
in ohio today. but a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina first. vice presidential candidate paul ryan campaigns in greenville today and will come armed with one question. are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he was going to do. >> reporter: democrats say let's not forget just how bad things were four years ago. >> in the quarter before the. took office, we lost three million jobs. our country was bleeding. our financial system was on the verge of collapse. we were passing bank bailouts to ensure that our system could stay afloat. that's what was happening before the president took office. >> reporter: and president obama's aides say republicans failed to offer solutions at their convention last week. >> it was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes, and the one thing you were left with is they really think that lying is a virtue. >> reporter: here in charlotte, some of the biggest questions are about security, but local
5:52 am
and federal police say they're prepared to keep everyone safe. about 800 protesters marched through uptown charlotte sunday. police stood by as the protests moved along peacefully. the massive police presence has many here unconcerned about potential violence. >> there seems to be police at every block and on every station. >> reporter: but it isn't all protests and politics. >> there are a lot of fun things happening. >> reporter: the convention kicks off today with a labor day celebration called carolina fest with vendors, food and entertainment from jeff bridges and james taylor. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> after campaigning in ohio, the president will go to louisiana to get a firsthand look at the damage from hurricane isaac. mitt romney is off taking labor day off. he'll -- after visiting louisiana late last week. making news at 5:52, people in louisiana's venetian isles say the damage from hurricane
5:53 am
isaac is comparable to what they suffered if hurricane katrina. this area of eastern new orleans is outside the city's hurricane protection levees so homes sustained major damage from the storm surge and large piles of debris line the streets. a wildfire in the an less national forest has exploded to more than a thousand acres. authorities evacuated thousands of people staying in forest campgrounds for the holiday weekend. the fire started yesterday afternoon near one of the campgrounds. the pentagon may take legal action against a former navy seal. he wrote the book about the raid that killed osama bin laden under the pen name mark owen. pentagon lawyers say owen signed two agreements to not divulge classified information. the book is scheduled for release tomorrow. time for another look at the question of the day. according to "glamour" magazine, 37% of women do this at least twice a day. is it a, complain about men, b, update their online social
5:54 am
status, or c, fix their makeup? >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. rita wrote a, complain about men because even though we love them, sometimes they drive us crazy. >> log on to the facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have the answer in about an hour. >> they're not all mike hydecks out there. apparently people who went to the movie theaters this weekend wanted to be scared. more on that coming up. >> plus, two local women were in the thick of a competition to become the world wing eating champion. i love wings but not like that. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
a very good monday morning. happy labor day. watch out n. labor day will feature showers and storms at times. we have a few this morning off to the south. by 9:00 a scattering of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. we'll have temperatures generally in the 70s. we head toward lunch time. 80 degrees here. mid-70s in the shenandoah valley. 830 in annapolis and cambridge. you'll notice in the afternoon again the scattered showers, a couple of thunderstorms. could be a heavy downpour or two. highs only in the lower 80s. michael, over to you. >> thank you, howard. it appear as horror film will win the holiday weekend box office battle. the possession grows -- grossed nearly $18 million from friday through yesterday. that means the film him was already in the black because it
5:58 am
only cost $14 million to make. it put keira said rick back -- cedric back on the screen. the expendables dropped from first to third. the bourne legacy and paranormman round out the top five. alexandria's own black widow has lost the title she's held on to for the last five years. sonia thomas came in second at yesterday's eating contest at the national buffalo wing festival. thomas had won this event in 2004 and every year from 2007 through last year but this time around the 105-pounder could not outeat joey chestnut who is more than twice her size. >> i'm happy to finally break my losing streak here. >> chestnut consumed 191 wings. that works out to be more than seven and a half pounds in 12 minutes. he ate 30 more wings than
5:59 am
thomas. chestnut said he prepared for the event by fasessing the day before. -- fasting the day before. another local woman came in third, juliet lee of germantown, maryland. both lee and thomas are ranked in the top ten among world championship eating. makes me a little sick to watch the individual quo. >> imagine if joey chestnut and our alexandria woman, imagine what the buffet would look like at a wedding. >> they only fasted the day before, not like the week before? >> their stomach would get too maul. >> you would recall our own andrea roane won our burger eating contest. >> she so cheated and she knows it. >> she counted from one to like four. >> threw the bun away. >> she will be back tomorrow morning to defend herself. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle in for of cose

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